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You troubled with diffuser?

SEIKA Ecorator can Resolve!

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Long Life Time

No clogging, no sediment

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Smart Design

High oxygen absorption rate

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SEIKA Ecorator

New innovation air diffuser

The ecorator (air diffuser) has a powerful airlift effect that doubles the agitation in the tank. It is also practical for carrier flow systems.

The oxygen absorption rate is 30% higher compared to those of conventional cylindrical air diffusers.
The reduced exhaust pressure loss results in energy savings.

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Solution Air Diffuser

No Clogging (Even intermittent operation)
No maintenance!

No Aging Degradation
Keep initial dissolution efficiency!

High Mixing Power
No deposition of sludge in tank!


The flow along the venturi bumps and the direct flow together generate a stripping phenomenon (vortex) that creates fine air bubbles.

The fluid generates a stripping phenomenon and creates fine bubbles approx 300 μm in diameter.

Water that reaches the surface is sucked to the tank bottom by the down flow, which increases the DO value of the oxygen-rich part.

Product Lineup

Choose a model that fits your needs.

  • ECO-1000
  • Material SUS + PP
  • Air Blow 0.7-1.4 m3/min
  • Agitation 6-7 m2
  • Water depth 2 m +
  • Ecorator Jr.
  • Material PP
  • Air Blow 0.15-0.3 m3/min
  • Agitation 1-2 m2
  • Water depth 1 m +

Jual Disc Diffuser Tanjung Selor - Seika Ecorator The ecorator (air diffuser) has a powerful airlift effect that doubles the agitation in the tank. It is also practical for carrier flow systems. The oxygen absorption rate ... Jual Air Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser - bubble diffuser Jual Air Disc Fine Bubble Diffuser ,aerasi diffuser dengan harga Rp 180.000 dari toko online bubblediffuser, Kota Tegal. Cari product Produk Lainnya lainya tanjung ‎selor Jual Aerator Diffuser Fine Bubble 12 Inc Menawarkan produk Air Diffuser untuk Sistem Aerasi Secara umum, aerasi merupakan proses yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kontak antar. tanjung ‎selor Jual AERATOR COARSE BUBBLE DIFFUSER

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